Offering Flexible Solar Power Placement

Are you wondering where can you put solar panels if the roof is too small?
Not ideal orientation?? Full of mechanical equipment???

Now the answer is anywhere – with style and easy installation as well!!!!!
With Power-Structures solar awning brackets, solar panels can be mounted on just about any vertical surface. Solar Panels can be hung off of walls, deck railings, fences, and poles. You’re only limited by your imagination.


Portrait (vertical)

Portrait 1

Landscape (horizontal)

Landscape 1


Shading Windows

Shade that makes power

Solar panels are mounted on buildings to produce electricity for the home or business, but the strategic use of the panels can offer more than just clean power. For example, if you mount panels over a window with our sturdy all aluminum mounting system, you can dramatically decrease the heat gain and glare inside the building, making it more comfortable to be in. This will also cut down on the cost of cooling the building in the summer. Storefront windows can be protected from harsh glare so that the displays can be more easily viewed and shielded from sun damage. In the winter, the awnings can provide shelter from the rain or snow.

A Power-Structures photovoltaic awning mounted over a window looks good while working for you. It also declares that the home or business is doing the right thing to help the environment. For a business owner this evidence of environmental stewardship can help attract new customers into the shop.

welds brackets

The engineered, exquisitely made, Power-Structures Awning Brackets are fabricated with an angle of 20, 30 or 45 degrees off of horizontal. 60 Cell Panels, measuring about 40” x 65” or less, can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation, using the appropriate size bracket. The brackets are fabricated from 6063-T52 aluminum stock. They are beautifully TIG welded in a certified welding shop in Northern California. Needless to say, Power-Structures Brackets qualify for any ‘Buy American’ requirements for government or private sector jobs. Powder coating in a wide range of colors and finishes is available. Custom sizes and finishes are also available.

Most solar racking systems are compatible with our brackets. Rails are run perpendicular to the brackets with panels mounted by traditional top clamps. We like ProSolar racking for its simplicity and economy. ProSolar rails bolt directly to the brackets, avoiding L feet and lowering the profile of the panels, while providing a wiring chase to manage cables cleanly. For single panel installations, panels can be bottom mounted directly to the brackets. Our system works with frameless panels, such as Lumos Solar, for a very elegant architectural awning solution.

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