Power Structures Integrates Solar Power with Beauty, Functionality and Affordability



At Power Structures we design and build solar power systems that provide additional benefits.  Whether it is shade from the summers hot sun, or security from power outages a Power Structures solar system will make the most of your alternative energy budget.



Power Structures likes the concept of “Micro Solar”- small systems that produce power for specific needs where there is no other power source.  One of the first practical uses of Photovoltaic energy in the 1950’s was to power signal boosters in long distance telephone lines.  Often these telephone lines were nowhere near the electrical grid.  It made sense to use this exotic form of energy production to get power where there was none.   Now solar photovoltaic power is no longer exotic or expensive.

Today, many people live on large parcels of land and may need to power water pumps, motors, or lighting in areas that are far from their electrical service.   Rather then running thousands of feet of copper wire, why not create and store solar energy right there to power this equipment. The panels could be mounted on an attractive bench or picnic table structure, providing shade and seating in the remote area.



One of most everyone’s top needs is to save money; here’s a way to do it and benefit the environment as well…..

If you scrutinize your utility bill, you’ll see that you are paying more for the electricity you use once you pass a certain amount.   A summer electrical bill will often get up into the top tier of electric rates, which in PG&E territory is 40 cents/kwH.

With the addition of a small Grid-Tied solar system, you will produce a couple of hundred kwh’s per month..  At these rates, a small system producing 200kwH per/ month, is cutting $80 a month off your bill.   We can put the panels in an ideal location, which gets the maximum amount of sun, so that you generate the most power.  In addition we can design a beautiful structure to mount your panels on in the yard if you have no good roof space to mount panels on.  Then on those hot sunny days you are producing power and providing shade for you to enjoy the garden.   You can also feel good that you are helping to cut the utilities “peak load”, where they often buy electricity from dirty sources such as coal burning power plants.



These days, there is a general fear that perhaps the technology that sustains our society can’t keep up with the growing population and resource depletion.  What would happen if  PG &E could not get regular deliveries of oil and gas from other parts of the world?  Would they start shutting down parts of the power grid because they could not keep up with demand?  Or quite suddenly could our power infrastructure be interrupted by sunspots, or terrorist attacks, or simply failing equipment?

In any case it would be comforting to have a source of electricity to run essentials.   A solar system with battery back up gives you a degree of independence and security.   If there should be an outage, you would have enough energy production and storage to keep your freezer cold and lights computer and radio on.  If you’re on a well, it will keep water flowing from your tap.  Unlike a generator, you will not need a steady flow of fuel or propane to keep it running.  As long as the sun keeps shining, your batteries will get charged up for nighttime use while running your appliances in the daytime.



Now here is a dual function Solar system that may resonate for everyone.

What if your system provided the ‘peak shaving ‘ capability of a small Grid-Tied system, and if your power went out could give you electricity for essential items at your home or business.   At Power Structures we are working on affordable ways of doing this.  Using a small Grid-tied inverter with battery back up, we can create a system that will feed into the grid while it is up and running and provide you with emergency power when it is not.  Your batteries remain in a charged/ready state should there be a power failure.






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