Blue Hammertone Powder Coat Finish

Now the answer to ‘where can I put solar power?’ is anywhere!  With the Power-Structures solar awning bracket, solar panels can be mounted on just about any vertical surface.  Put solar on the walls, on deck railings, fences or poles. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Solar panels are mounted on buildings to produce electricity for the home or business within, but the strategic use of the panels can offer more than just clean power. For example, if you mount panels over a window with our sturdy all aluminum mounting system, you can dramatically decrease the heat gain and glare inside the building making it more comfortable to be in. This will also cut down on the cost of cooling the building in the summer. Storefront windows can be protected from harsh glare so that the displays can be more easily viewed and shielded from sun damage. In the winter, the awnings can provide shelter from the rain or snow.

Curved Brushed Aluminum Bracket Installed

A Power-Structures photovoltaic awning mounted over a window looks good while working for you.  It also declares that the home or business is doing the right thing to help the environment.   For a business owner this evidence of environmental stewardship can help attract new customers into his or her shop.

Our attractive awning bracket can also be used on freestanding structures such as benches and arbors to provide shade to sitting areas.  And the awning bracket is easily adaptable for mounting on metal posts, masonry structures and SIP construction.

Power-Structures’ licensed California Structural Engineer can provide engineering for the awning brackets for a specific application.  For other states, a PDF file of the bracket and design calculations can be provided to licensed engineers for stamping.

Power-Structures Awning Brackets, which come in four standard sizes, are fabricated from 6063 aluminum stock and are TIG welded by a certified welding shop in Grass Valley, California.  Powder coating in a wide range of colors and finishes are available; custom sizes and finishes are also available to order.

Brushed Alumnium Straight Bracket

The Awning Bracket is fabricated with a panel angle of 21 degrees off of horizontal. This is considered to be the best compromise of summer and winter production values in the CSI-EPPB solar calculator for Northern California (using the calculator, 21 degrees gives the best “design value“ number).  If a custom tilt angle is desired, such as a steeper angle for more production in the wintertime, Power-Structures can custom make a bracket to your specifications.  We will show you how to calculate the length of the shading over a window at any time of the year given the height above the opening and the projection.

Brackets with Panel

Panels can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation, using the appropriate size bracket.  For portrait orientation, we recommend that Pro-Solar rails and hardware be used over the Solar Awning Bracket.  For landscape applications, panels can be bottom mounted directly to brackets or installed on rails.  In general, we recommend spacing the brackets 3-6’ apart, depending on snow and wind loads.


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